What Exactly Is This?

Welcome to Frankly Thought Out

Think of it as one of two things:

  • One last attempt at being a cool kid because this is the only thing left to do - have a newsletter that people read.

  • Or more importantly, me just sharing.

I know that’s what social media is for - but I’ve actually realised that I’m not the biggest fan of online conversations. So I have them with my friends offline (or you know, I just don’t have them at all).

However, I’m trying to be more intentional (for the umpteenth time) and I’ll be writing things here, including how I feel, what I read, what I saw and what I heard. I'll try to make it worth your screen time.

Depending on certain factors, it may come once a month - or every two months, but I promise, you won’t be spammed, and I’ll try to respect your privacy far better than any Big 5 tech corporation.


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